Choice of Contracts

Wingsmate Solutions has been outsourcing software projects for over a decade. We make sure that the software project for which we work are managed correctly to meet the deadlines successfully.

As a software outsourcing company, meeting the expectations of the client is our prime motive. We focus on outsourcing software services for those projects on which we have worked in the past. We provide a fully beneficial software outsourcing agreement for our clients.

Considering the agreement while outsourcing, software projects provides several advantages to our client. This agreement helps us to provide the best management for outsourcing services.

Development of software or projects under fixed price presumes that we have agreed on the price to develop the project, after which the price is not subjected to any changes unless certain requirements are added into the agreement or the contract. In this case, even the number of employees working on the project does not matter, as the amount of payment does not depend on the amount of resources or time expended.